We are a team, enthusiastic about learning languages. We know like no one else (as we are not native speakers of English) how challenging it is to learn foreign languages. We are aware of all difficulties that language learners might encounter.

If you are learning English, you know that reading isn’t always easy as spelling doesn’t always tell us how the word is read and pronounced. So, we have created this service to help English learners pronounce words in English correctly.

The idea of this service is not new. We devised the service of English transcription about 10 years ago. So, in total we’ve been running this project for more than 10 years. First it was lunched on myefe.ru in 2011 and in a few years became popular with many English learners. To be honest, we didn’t really expect it to get such a sought-after service, but people found it useful, so we carried on developing it.

Today we are proud to say that this Service of English Transcription and Pronunciation is unique in its kind as it allows to quickly search for the transcription and pronunciation of several English words at the same time and get a reliable result. The service contains a large database of English words, and we are going on working on it.

We are trusted by many people who have been with us since 2011. We hope we’ll be able to earn your trust too and believe that this service will make your English learning easier and more enjoyable.